H.pylori in gastric epithelia
immunology illustration process work

Title: H.pylori in gastric epithelia

Date created: February 2017

Type: Medical illustration, research journal illustration,

medical diagram

Tool: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Faculty advisors: Michael Corrin, Dr. Nicolas Jones

Audience: Graduate students, academic researchers

Purpose: The main objective of this project is to communicate to researchers a proposed mechanism through which the drug ML-SA1 acts on H. pylori-infected cells. This is achieved by depicting the 3 different states in which H. pylori infection occurs: VacA- infection, VacA+ infection, and VacA+ infection when ML-SA1 is present. Since each state involves two pathways, namely autophagy and endocytosis, a major challenge in designing this illustration was to minimize complexity and facilitate comparison between the states in a single image.

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